Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Thor's Day

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Thor’s Day

“I am Thursday’s Child, not born on Monday,
Tuesday or Wednesday, no,no--but nothing could
prepare me for your smile.”--David Bowie.

Thursday is a workhorse,
like Tuesday,
but it’s harness has gold bells,
and it is majestic as a Clydesdale.
It’s never blue, or humped,
or something to thank God for.

Being retired,
every day feels like Saturday,
but there is something magical
about Thursday. It stands out
in bolder font; for me
it is the massive gear
at the top of a rollercoaster,
and from that apex,
we drop into a three day thrill ride.

It has a rich heritage.
Quakers call it Fifth Day,
most of us call it Fourth Day.
It was named after the Norse God of Thunder;
Thor, Thunor, Donar, and Thundraz.
Roman’s named it for their god Jupiter,
God of sky and thunder,
Jupiter’s Day, lovis Dies.

The Thursday before Easter
was the day of the Last Supper.
40 days after Easter
is the day Christ ascended to Heaven.
In Islam, the prophet Mohammad
fasted on Thursdays.
In America, the fourth Thursday
in November is Thanksgiving Day.

Perhaps I am Thursday's Child myself,
and it might be my death day.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


brudberg said...

I like how you used the name of the day to list all that's good with Thursday... but who knows what day we will die...

sarah said...

And let's hear it for Thursday! I know what you mean about it being the top of the roller coaster - and any day dedicated to Thor has got to be good. Love this poem, Glenn, great energy.

Jane Dougherty said...

What Sarah said :)

Frank Hubeny said...

Every day seems like Saturday to me as well, however, I can see how Thursday might hold a special place on top of the rollercoaster as you mention.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ha, my poem is about how every day feels like a Saturday too. The joy of the retired! Interesting, Thursday being Thor's Day.

Mary Hood said...

I just love the roller coaster analogy, and I didn't know the origin of Thursday. So majestic and noble and reverent and alive! What I don't understand is why would you not thank God for it? Especially if you are a Thursday child, certainly you be all those things!

Glenn Buttkus said...

Mary, my reference to God is relative to TGIF Friday.

Kim M. Russell said...

The one day when I have no commitments to libraries or school, apart from the weekend, used to be Tuesday, but it has changed to Thursday, and I rather like it. I love the Bowie quote, Glenn, and Thursday as ‘majestic as a Clydesdale’, a day that ‘stands out in bolder font’. I enjoyed all the Thursday facts.

Alexandra said...

There is, in fact, something about Thursday. It feels like the only day of the week that owns itself.

Ken Gierke said...

Retirement - yes, Saturdays.

Jade Li said...

I like what you say about the it being the top of the rollercoaster for the weekends. Thursday is the new Friday for MANY people these days, as is Monday being the new Sunday with flextime.

Mish said...

" it is the massive gear
at the top of a rollercoaster,
and from that apex,
we drop into a three day thrill ride"

You described exactly the way Thursday feels to me.

Caitlin said...

Your description of Thursday is wonderful!