Monday, June 15, 2020

Drum Me Three Times

painting by Neal Peart. 

Drum Me Three Times

“As soon as war is declared, it’s impossible to hold
the poets back. Rhyme is still the most effective drum.”
--Jean Giraudoux.

as an old
white man,
I may have
faulty rhythm,
but in my ears,
I’m a premier percussionist.

In a Rock mood
I feel
the snare,
the toms,
with my foot
tapping the bass.

I hear
the Conga
and bongos.

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at d'Verse Poets Pub


brudberg said...

I think we all have the right to beat the drums... each of us has a heartbeat to match

Jane Dougherty said...

Old habits never die. Never stop listening for the rhythm.

Mish said...

Love the subtle metaphorical feel to this. Music keeps me young. I laugh at myself head banging to Metallica, wondering why I am not too old for this ridiculousness.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Love this! The rhythm reverberates inside us for sure!💝

Frank Hubeny said...

I like the thought of being a "premier percussionist" in one's own ears.

Jade Li said...

Wonderful opening quote, Glenn. Keep on drumming!

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

This is fantastic Glenn. I love that quote too...

Judy Dykstra-Brown said...

I love this old man! Recognize him, too.

Kerfe said...

We all march to our own drummer...which is as it should be.

Gillena Cox said...

Luv this Glen. Happy Monday


Truedessa said...

I think in the journey we beat many different drums, trying to find the pulse that fits the mood and times.

PS Happy Belated Birthday!

Ron. Lavalette said...

Nice Work, GB.
I'm an Oldie, too; have banged a drum or two in my day.
This might interest you:

Kim M. Russell said...

I love the painting by Neal Peart, my favourite drummer, so talented. I was always amazed by all the different percussion instruments included in his enormous kit. I also love the Jean Giraudoux quote, both of which have fed into your poem, Glenn. My husband has an old drumstick from his days in a band, which he uses to tap along to his favourite drummers. I lack the coordination to drum, but I appreciate the lines:
‘In a Rock mood
I feel
the snare,
the toms,
with my foot
tapping the bass.’

Dwight L. Roth said...

I love it Glenn! it is just like being 73 and feeling like I am 40! Works for me, not sure about everyone around me.... Our beat and pitch seems to needs one of those fancy digital machines that keeps the new pop singers on pitch!! The painting is really great! Why am I not surprised that you chose an Indian motif!?

Vivian Zems said...

I feel the beat you feel. Life is too short not to sense music. The quote is apt...and I would love to share it.

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Rush Professor
Neil Peart Drum
Beat Professional
Lives on In
of Radio
Won't Forget..:)

Adriana Citlali Ramirez said...

The first stanza is very powerful in my view. It contains that inner view of life that we retain as we grow older.

Merril D. Smith said...

Age has no bearing on what we hear in our hearts. Keep on rocking! 😀