Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Blackthorne Episode 149

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Cinemagenic 149


“We are our own dragons and our own heroes, 

and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.”

--Tom Robbins.

1(sound cue) guitar and coronets.

2(overhead drone shot--day for night) a wagon and

six riders were pushing hard.

3(sound cue) whips, wheels, and hooves.

4(drone descends to tighter shot) spinning wheels, 

four-up team, the snap of reins, and the flexing of

wagon springs.

5(cut to a tracking shot at ground level) The 

blacksmith was driving the team, and Doc

Sweeney sat next to him. Salina crouched behind

the doctor, hanging on tight, her hair flying in the

wind. Henry Wallace led the riders, all of which were

vaqueros, friends of Mateo. 

6(sound cue) snare drums and banjo.

7(three-shot) Doc: Christ, I hope we’re not too late.

Salina: Buck will not die. I won’t allow it.

8(wide shot) a half mile from the Bronson Ranch, 

they could see flames lighting up the sky, and the

staccato of gunfire was audible. As they rounded the

last corner, they could see what was left of the barn,

still an inferno; the whole scene in a hellish glow. The

ranch house was lit up with pistol fire.

9(overhead drone shot) a tremendous explosion went

off within the house. Part of the roof caved in, debris

began falling to earth. Men were rushing out of the


10(medium wide shot) the newcomers rode in hot, with

guns blazing, and the exhausted ranch hands were

caught off guard. Between the fires, explosion, and gun

fights, there was only a half dozen wranglers still on

their feet. Three of them went down in a hail of oncoming

lead, The final three dropped their weapons and 

surrendered, hands reaching for the demonic sky. 

11(sound cue) loud voices, galloping horses, and the

sputtering of final gun shots over saxophone and juice


The big wagon slid to a stop, the blacksmith

jerking on the reins, yelling Whoa! Henry

Wallace spryly dismounted from a moving horse, 

as did the five other riders. 

Wallace: Where is Buck?

Ranch hand: He’s got to be dead. It’s been like

Shiloh around here!

Wallace: Did you see him die?

Hand: No, but I saw plenty of other men die. He

is like a one man army.

Salina, out of the wagon, holding a rifle: When did

you last see him? 

Hand: I never did. I was fighting the barn fire, and 

I was told they had him cornered in the house. By

the time I got there the place was on fire, and the next

thing I knew, there was a dynamite explosion. I don’t

think Mr. Bronson made it out of there.

A couple of the Mexicans ran off around both sides of

the house. One of the vaqueros came across a body

near the back of the house. He rolled it over. It

was Buck. 

Vaquero: Hey, I found him! I found Buck!

Salina, Henry and the Doc arrived quickly. Salina bent

down and put her finger to his throat. 

He is alive! 

She lie on top of him, covering him.

Wallace: He lives! Buck is alive! 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub


Merril D. Smith said...

It was great to hear you read today.
But, he's alive?!! Wow!

Ingrid said...

I knew it! No way the legend could be dead!

Gillena Cox said...

Wow! Buck is still alive.
Nice end to as episode


Sanaa Rizvi said...

Oh thank goodness he's alive!! This is exquisitely done, Glenn. I love the attention to details especially; "As they rounded the last corner, they could see what was left of the barn,still an inferno; the whole scene in a hellish glow." You bring the scene to life! Can't wait to read what happens next!💝💝

Ken / rivrvlogr said...

And the legend lives on!

JadeLi said...

It's about bloody time they got there! Poor Buck has been a one-man army and is blessed to still be breathing. Salina and her dad should have gotten there a long time ago! (I know, but just sayin!)

Truedessa said...

Always full of action. Glad he is alive! I am sad that I missed your reading. I have always been a big fan of this saga.

brudberg said...

I knew that there would be some way to continue this... I hope he heals, wonder what will happen now when all the bad guys are dead.