Thursday, December 13, 2012

Knuckle Ball

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Knuckle Ball

“An eye for an eye would make
the whole world blind.”--Mahatma Gandhi

Susan Rice withdrew
her name from consideration
for Secretary of State
in the face of what 

would have been
a difficult
Senate battle.

McCain & Graham
will need to consume
raven after their profane
assault, because

the word around Washington
is that President Obama
will now pick
John Kerry.

Bite on that,

Glenn Buttkus

December 2012

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Anonymous said...

I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primaries and Obama in the nationals and was joyed when Hillary took the position of Sec of State and want Hillary to remain 4 more years and run for president in 2016.

Susan Rice denied the Rwandan and Sudanese genocides and advised the US and UN to do nothing about the Rwandan genocide during the Clinton Years and she supported an indicted war criminal who murdered hundreds of thousands of people during the Sierra Leone civil war. She made many false pronouncements when she worked for Clinton that she had to retract.

She still denies genocides in the Congolese region and continues to deny the genocide in Darfur and she delivered false pronouncements about the Benghazi attack that contradicted the statements released by CIA intelligence and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and other members of the State Department and intelligence community and Libyan govournment, and she clung to her pronouncements as "facts" even though those "facts" contradicted EVERYTHING stated by the US govournment+intelligence+Libya and even though those "facts" were quickly contradicted by the material evidence that came to light during the Benghazi investigation, evidence that backed up the Obama Administration+State Department's initial assessments.

She's lying scum who should NEVER have been brought into Obama's govournment to begin with. She's one of many reasons Democrats like me voted third party in 2012. She needs to GO.

Other Mary said...

Kerry on Mr. President. Interesting 55, even though I'm not quite so political as your first commenter.

G-Man said...

McCain Is Senile!
But I loved your Kerry Response...
She seemed just as capable as Hillary, but now we'll never know!
Most Excellent 55 GB
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Jazzbumpa said...

Look behind the curtain

They want Kerry

Opens up a senate seat

So Scott Brown can run again

You are not sufficient cynical