Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blue Highway

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Blue Highway

“When you’re traveling, you are who you are every moment.
People do not have your past to hold against you.  There are
no yesterdays on the road.--William Least-Heat Moon.

When I was 19, or there about,
there was this TV series
called ROUTE 66;
all about two young men in a
Corvette Sting Ray having 
adventures up & down
the historic interstate.

                                                          I just couldn’t wait for that magical
                                                          time that it would be me on
                                                          incredible road trips; stretched
                                                          out in tire-screeching cacophony 
                                                          from the City of Angels
                                                          to the Windy City:
                                                          hot damn!

In Barstow, CA., I passed by
old highway 395 that snakes
north up along the Sierras,
where in 1983, I had a bona fide
UFO encounter at 3am between
Red Mountain & China Lake,
in the triangle between Edwards AFB,
Area 51 & Death Valley.

                                                         Outside Flagstaff, AZ, north of
                                                         Sonoma & west of Monument
                                                         Valley, I visited ancient native cliff
                                                         dwellings in Chestnut Canyon.
                                                         My wife had the energy to climb
                                                         up & down the steep ladders, while
                                                         I sat in the shade using binoculars.

In Gallop, NM, we discovered 
this family-run Tex-Mex diner
that served good cheer, & the
best chicken fried steak in the
state, as well as deep fried
sopapellos slathered in honey
& whip cream. We stop by every
summer to treat the taste buds.

                                         Route 66 is not
                                         a continuous highway
                                         any more--but who minds?

Glenn Buttkus



brudberg said...

I remember when I lived in Arizona, and I used to go up past to Sedona sometimes during the weekends... remember a crazy bar in Williams that had just the right feel of a place on route 66... A place were you could eat and drink, but also get absorbed in a fight if you felt like it...

tonispencer said...

I like this trip very much. Out west is an amazing place and your poem put me in mind of those past travels out that way. when I was in University, several summers we went to cliff dwellings to do amateur digging and cataloging as part of our curriculum. No place like "out west"....good Tex Mex is a wonderful thing to find. It too loved that TV show and resolved to travel it and was glad I did. the first time I did it was not split as it is now....Now I want to run away!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is so powerfully expressed :D

Nato said...

I really enjoyed this!

Grace said...

I must take this road trip in my lifetime Glenn ~ Love to try that: best chicken fried steak in the state, as well as deep fried sopapellos slathered in honey & whip cream. Thanks Glenn & wishing you a good week ~

Truedessa said...

I dream of traveling to Monument Valley to hear the vortexes hum..thank you for taking me there.

Anonymous said...

Just getting your kicks on route 66 - *wink*

Gayle Walters Rose said...

I watched that show too, Glenn, and really enjoyed your travelogue of adventures out west. I'm especially interested in your "bona fide" UFO encounter...no, really I am! And those honey and whipped cream drenched sopapillas...I love road trips.

Georgina said...

Yes, this conjures up the American road trip. I only managed it watching Easy Rider! And a little drive in a hired chevvie to Mission Control Houston. There were no buses! Maybe one day.

Mystic_Mom said...

I once got a chance to travel down the old Route 66 in Arizona. What a treat to imagine it as it was. Love the feel and movement of this Glenn. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I remember that TV series. I got to travel that road a few summers ago. It was great. You've filled this piece with anticipation and nostalgia.

vivinfrance said...

Such an iconic name, I can understand your wish to go there. I believe there are lots of isolated stretches still in existence. Wouldn't it be fun to explore all the remnants.

ayala said...

Sounds like a great trip. I would like to go one day. Enjoyed your capture of it all.

Margaret said...

Thank you for the poem, the reading and ... a new item on my bucket list.

Raivenne said...

I know both US coastlines and a part of the Gulf well, but I have never travel within the continuous states. Your words remind me that I need to remedy immediately. Though I suppose I am going to need a running mate as I don't have a driver's license (yet). Wonderful write Glenn.

Anonymous said...

I love what I have seen of Route 66, New Mexico being like a second home to me. There is nothing like sopappillas and honey!! The shape of your poem was a nice read, like little chapters of adventure.

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Well.. personAlly i like traveling
an anthropological route
inside.. and outside
too.. below
all around
and yes
above excites
me too.. and predictable
that only one free spiRit..
would wonder and imagine
most.. besides me in words
of more about your UFO
as i am
of traveling above..
hopefully though..
'they' don't