Thursday, November 22, 2018

Crown of Shame

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Crown of Shame

“Glory built on selfish principles, is shame 
and guilt.”--William Cowper.

Thousands of troops on the border,
dispatched by a lunatic on a lark.
Of course this is completely out of order,
as packs of militant hellhounds bark,
and border guards ready their mortar.

America on this Thanksgiving Day,
wears a laurel wreath of shame
as needy immigrants are denied access.
We all know who is to blame,
who created this awful and stupid mess.

It was immigrants who built our country,
and made it the envy of the ages;
then the worst President in history
put immigrant children in steel cages.
Damn, Trump’s IQ is a real mystery.

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


Jane Dougherty said...

He is in good company today. His IQ is probably not too far below a turkey's to have a decent conversation.

Grace said...

Sorry but can't stand your President Glenn. Wish the reign of his shame and greed are done with. Love the quote and share.

Frank Hubeny said...

Rejection of immigrants is a sign we may be headed for a depression.

brudberg said...

He seems like the type of leaders people favor these days... beat me why.. but look at Orban, Kaczyński, Bolsonaro, Putin, Erdoğan, MSB... the list just keeps building.

Unknown said...

It is indeed a mystery, Glenn. What is a greater mystery to me is how he is able to carry on as he does...

Jade Li said...

He/it is a leader that disgruntles the 1%ers because he plays his own game and one who panders to the LCDs (lowest common denominators) because he needs them to do the dirty work. The creation of "immigrant devils" is a variation on the institutionalized racism that has thrived since the original invasion of what is now USA, where an attribute that any cretin could immediately recognize has been defiled and used to build an "us against them" dynamic. With racism it is the color of skin. With immigrant maligning, it is easily discernible and able to be tied right into the mindsets of the ultra right. As long as a person's energies are depleted by hating someone different than them, there is no energy left. Sorry to ramble on, but he needs to go .............. straight to hell!

The Bizza said...

I gotta be honest here; the image that loaded ahead of your poem really bummed me out. I was hoping to escape He Who Shall Not Be Named, as he's a major trigger for my depression.

But sadly, as I'm sure you know, there is no escaping him or his lizard-brained acolytes. Hell, thanks to Stormy Daniels, he's even all over the porn sites. Ugh. (Or so I've heard... lol)

Obviously, I share your sentiments here. and I'm glad you gathered your thoughts and shared them so eloquently. I just miss the days when the 24-hour news "controversy" was Obama's ugly beige suit.

robkistner said...

Glenn, you are preachin' to the choir here my friend. As Bjorn points out with detail, evil is gaining a foothold around the globe, pure, unadulterated, to the grissle and bone - EVIL! This world is slumping broken toward a the sinister world war ever waged. It is not country vs country, the wealthy vs the rest of us - and it's being waged without firing a shot, save a few strategically placed. When the "us" finally come to our senses, the backlash will be gorilla warfare, and waged for man years. The militaries of this world will be in the control of the wealthy, so gorilla revolution will be the only thing at our disposal. Pray the sane nations, such as Canada, don't slip. What breaks my heart is I likely won't see it, but my beloved grandson will be sucked right into the middle of the shit!

A Reading Writer said...

Oh this is fierceness and strength and disgust at its best!

Gina said...

my heart hurts from reading your words, because so much of it cannot be denied, poor children in steel cages, said...

No mystery. He is a reality star. Whatever attracts attention. As for his "duties" as commander-in-chief, he has not the faintest idea. Nor does he, obviously, have a heart. Every time I end up in a discussion about this man, I wind up in tears.

sarah said...

The turkey should have pardoned him. Or not. Thanks for the reminder that forms don't have to lyrical. They can also bite.

Vivian Zems said...

How true, and how sad. Well penned, Glenn.

Kim M. Russell said...

Glenn, your political poetry teaches me a lot about the current climate in the States. I don’t think we get the whole picture over here. Is there some kind of news embargo that we’re not aware of?

Glenn Buttkus said...

Kim--I don't know why you get less coverage of Trump. For over2 years he has been the top news of each day. It makes it difficult to turn on the news. It's like a never ending bad nightmare LSD trip; maddening.