Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Wild Side

painting from awmactc.com 

The Wild Side

“She didn’t just walk on the wild side, she lived
there, dancing in the streets and setting fire to
the sky.”-- j. iron word.

During the 60’s,
we all wanted our children
to feel natural about their bodies,
nudity and sexuality.
It was just so very hip
not to be uptight about it.

Sex was no longer,
for women, simply something
to tolerate for procreation--
no, hell no...
women became liberated.

A not-so-subtle consequence
of all this sexual freedom,
was that men had to learn
to accept a hard truth,
as they discovered that when
it came to the battle of the sexes,
women showed up with a machine gun,
and men only had a one shot
muzzle loader.

How daunting it was
to fully understand, and accept
that most women are quite capable
of having dozens of orgasms,
compared to the single and swift
ejaculation that constitutes closure
for the male.

Today, in order to become a caring and tender
lover, men must have a total and honest
communication with their ladies,
coming to an agreement as to when
they will have their singular moment.

Coitus can easily last for an hour,
and if you get fatigued,
you must be willing and able
to man her vibrator--then hang on
for dear life as your lady navigates
the whirling winds of Eros,
as she screams, bucks and wails.

Once I was capable of putting
my wife’s dervish desire above my own,
I began to enjoy the sensual voyages,
the erotic rollercoaster rides.
This exalted caliber of sexual union
catapults both participants
leagues beyond religious or societal 
parameters, where two people create
one cosmic equality, rife with pleasure
and boundless spiritual depth.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is beautiful and painstakingly honest in its portrayal of the depths of desire and sexuality. I believe a woman is truly lucky if her partner understands her needs and fuels it with his own fire.💞 Lovely write, Glenn!

° said...

I am DYING over this!!! So, so good. Especially the vibrator part. :)

Jade Li said...

You've discovered the Fountain of Youth. Happy for you and your wife. You have a blessed union :)

Scarlet said...

I admire how you are sensitive and considerate to your wife's needs. That vibrator is a life saver, smiles. Love that the sexual union is also one of pleasure and boundless spiritual depth.


robkistner said...

Well written Glenn, open and honest. I have always found it far more erotic partnering sexually with my woman to bring her to her highest level of satisfaction. I can orgasm, and it's wonderful. When younger, I could sustain and delay to a reasonable degree. I was a good young lover. But my greatest personal pleasure, as I matured, was taking the time to explore in depth, with my lady, to see what ultimate heights we could bring her to. Look, I can masturbate anytime and pleasurably tame my beast, untul I am sated and docile. But to be partner with my woman to truly unleash, then satisfy her beast, is mind boggling...

Anmol (HA) said...

The intimacy and the sensual release are so much better when there is a communication between the bodies — the understanding, acknowledgment, and realization of each other's desires and needs can make for such a pleasurable experience, going beyond mandated customs and obligations. Love this unbridled and honest portrayal of an equal partnership, with a spiritual element of connection and love. I so wanted to read something like this as a response to the prompt. Thank you for writing it and for participating, Glenn! :-)

A Reading Writer said...

where two people create
one cosmic equality, rife with pleasure
and boundless spiritual depth.

I have high respect for the honesty of this poetic explanation. beautiful.

Kim M. Russell said...

A completely honest male point of view, Glenn, which took us on a ride through the 1960s sexual revolution. I couldn’t suppress a smile at the lines:
‘…they discovered that when
it came to the battle of the sexes,
women showed up with a machine gun,
and men only had a one shot
muzzle loader’!

Christine Irving said...

This made me laugh - it's so journalistic and straightforward then tumbles into fun. Nice work

brudberg said...

Growing up in the aftermath of the 60s I tried to comprehend this, and had started to learn when things changed again... so I feel envious of you to have been through the learning process... when I grew up we were supposed to know.

Unknown said...

Telling it like it is, Glenn! Sexual attitudes have certainly changed over the years. Love the last stanza. What's important is the essential connection.