Monday, May 20, 2019

Lords and Leeches

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Lords and Leeches

We have a very real responsibility to protest the
rich and powerful in the name of universal freedom.”
--Nelson Mandela.

I think about
India and North Korea,
the caste system,
and poverty--

and for a brief
I can stomach
the insufferable 1%,
and their clown prince;

my teeth clinch.

The sunrise was rich,
with hue and hope, promising
yet another new day.

Glenn Buttkus


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brudberg said...

Indeed... why do we have to chose between what's bad and what's worse... ?

Jade Li said...

I know that magazines use different covers for different countries. I see this was the cover of Time in India. I wonder what the US cover looks like? If it is tame compared to this, we have got to ask ourselves are we already a subjugated population? How this clown can stay at the helm is a unsoluble mystery to me.

Kim M. Russell said...

How did you find that magazine cover, Glenn – it’s inspired! The caste system, feudal system or class system - they are all so wrong. My teeth seem to be gritted all the time I read or watch the news. The haiku is such a beautiful contrast I almost unclinched my teeth.

Grace said...

Yikes on all the bad news around the world. Your cover speaks to me - it is no longer funny yet he still got hordes of admirers. Lovely haiku - I always look forward to another sunrise.

Vivian Zems said...

Sigh! This world baffles me. We have to be careful we don't grind our teeth to stubs. Love the haiku.

Mish said...

I will never understand a political system that allows someone who is so obviously unqualified and literally dangerous to remain in position. That is not a free country. That is enslavement. Thank goodness the sun still rises.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Such an apt and powerful haiku, Glenn! The world with its raging political problems continue to torment me.

Gillena Cox said...

Powerful write; Glen

Happy Monday

much love...

tonispencer said...

Thank goodness the sun still rises.

robkistner said...

New day, same shit dude! I have ground my teeth to nubs... strong write Glenn, with excellent closing haiku and great quote from Nelson.

Amaya said...

Very well-structured poem.

Truedessa said...

Well, hopefully this clown won't start a war....I am fearful, truly I am.

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

Well done Glenn. And I love the haiku at the end.

JIm Feeney said...

anger concentrated into language....well done, Glenn said...

I seem to be gritting my teeth a lot lately. And then grinding them at night. The world is on edge, literally, with this person we are forced to call our president. Surely, surely, things will change in 2020? And now he and his cronies at the EPA are using a "new math" and "alternative facts" to enact his new coal bill!!! We will suffer for years because of this evil evil man.
I can always count on you, Glenn, to nail it in regards to DT!

Misky said...

Populism. The world is going topsy-turvy.

Merril D. Smtih said...

Oh yes, definitely this. Thank goodness I'm not a teeth grinder, or my teeth would be ground to bits by now. But lots of stress since that November election. Agree with Misky--the world has gone topsy-turvy, and it seems to be getting worse every day.