Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Twice Born

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Twice Born

“Geminis waltz around in life as they are 
perpetually transforming.”--Amita Ray.

There I am,
in the middle of June,
inhabiting the crux of Gemini.

As an actor, 
I paid a lot of attention to astrology;
as a teacher, 
I paid more attention to my students.
I’ve always had an abundance of ego,
but as a husband,
I pay more attention to my wife.

I am, as written and defined,
a dual personality,
an earthy intellectual.
My two faces
of Cantor and Pollux,
are back to back, so
they never meet each other.

Of course, 
no one fits perfectly
within the textbook references
as to who they really are.

Geminis are multi-faceted--check,
intelligent--damn rights,
outgoing--a Ham, type A, sure,
impulsive--blush, flinch,
unreliable--absolute baloney,
nosy--prefer inquisitive.

Gemini’s lucky color is yellow--
I prefer red;
they are ruled by Mercury--
but I prefer Mars;
lucky stone is emerald--
but I prefer rubies.

I share my sun sign with
Bob Dylan, Morgan Freeman,
Laurence Olivier, John Wayne,
Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp,  & JFK.

If you are charmed by me, enjoy.
If I piss you off--keep your distance.
If I love you, be enveloped.
If I hate you, gird your loins.

I am what and who I am;
twice over.

Glenn Buttkus

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robkistner said...

Great write dude, and I certainly see a bit of both sides of your sign in your personality, as visible as it can be online. You definitely got your own mash-up of it all as well. Nice stuff here bros, and nice to see you back online after your short absence, Guess the mothership didn’t beam you up... :-)

Jade Li said...

It's good getting to see what the stars say about you. There is no question from what I've seen in your writing that you have a strong sense of self. I was born on the other side of the cusp.

judydykstrabrown.com said...

Phew. You laid it on the line! I think I would prefer to be your friend....Good job.

Revived Writer said...

I love this!

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

I love it! You made a bold statement with your words Glenn. I can so see you on stage.

lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

Loving this pithy write of who you are!
"Of course,
no one fits perfectly
within the textbook references
as to who they really are."
....and then you proceed to write down the "defining characteristics" that some system gives to you....and wreak havoc with many of them. "Nosey - I prefer inquisitive!" :)
How I wish there could be a real pub somewhere central, where we could all decide to meet on one specific day....wouldn't that be grand?
So my friend.....where are you in Buck and your characters? Or are they in you? :)

Grace said...

Love the character of gemini Glenn. It was nice to meet you, twice over!!

Amaya said...

I always wanted a Gemini and have always gotten along with them (fellow air sign here, hey) maybe by coincidence...? My middle daughter was supposed to be one but was born a few days early into stubborn as hell Taurus. And I don't know if you know this but most people are afraid of Geminis, but I can appreciate the unpredictable nature. Which face do I deal with today? They keep the rest of us on our toes.

Dwight L. Roth said...

Well done Glenn. I see you are the wild child of the Zodiac signs!! Perhaps a split personality also?? Hope I am on your good side rather than the other way around!

Kim M. Russell said...

A Gemini, so good you were born twice! I haven’t known many Geminis, although I have known quite a few twins. I love the way you describe the duality of actor and teacher, Glenn, and I’m glad to see that you’re an attentive husband! I also like the reference to the heavenly twins, ‘back to back, so they never meet each other’ and the inconsistencies between astrology and reality – I’ve experienced that with my own star sign but that could be wrong because I was born prematurely

sarah said...

I think you nail the Barnum effect here. But it's fun, and it's a fun way to review our personalities, I guess.

Jane Dougherty said...

I think you use this poem to show that all of this is cherry-picking. Keep what fits, throw out what doesn't—like the emeralds.

Misky said...

A very strong write. A very strong personality!

Anonymous said...

"Of course,
no one fits perfectly
within the textbook references
as to who they really are."

Truer words were never spoken/written. I adore the blatant I am who "I" say I am - not you of this.

So good, Glen!

purplepeninportland.com said...

Love this portrait of twos. Definitely inquisitive over nosy. This was fun to read, and I am planning to stay on your good side!

brudberg said...

I love to pick cherrypicking the sign... then everything will always fit. It's way easier to believe in astrology that way

indybev said...

Someone said "Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind". It sounds as if we share that philosophy, Glenn!

adan said...

Lot of fun dualities - might as well, our lives are filled with night and day, inward/outward, we choose our directions based on our preferences and needs, thus we adapt, thus we survive, thus we can enjoy. Loved ur listed choices :)