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Blackthorne--Episode 93

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Cinemagenic Ninety-Three


“Life is a picnic on a precipice.”--W.H. Auden.

1(sound cue) sweet piano and violins
2(cut to medium close up) Buck standing at the
bottom of the stairs, his arms folded.
3(sound cue) clank of metal.
4(reverse shot) Buck turning around, his stare
back up the stairs.
5(cut to the door of parent’s bedroom) a strong
breeze from an open upstairs window had
rattled the padlocks on the door; three rusty locks,
hung straight, one above the other.
6(roving crane shots) wandering about the house,
showing peeling paint, framed photographs and
Western prairie paintings, thick red velvet curtains,
fancy kerosene lamps, as we hear...
7(sound cue/Voice Over) Buck: Tomorrow I will
break those locks off, and take a look at my 
parent’s room. My father had taken all of his things
out of the room before he padlocked it. I want to 
see some of my mother’s things. It’s going to be
like opening a crypt, but I might find a bauble or
old photograph that will link yesterday to today.
It’s past time for me to make this house a home
again--not just lumber, nails, glass and tar. I need 
to stop looking at the lights in other people’s 
8(cut to exterior) We see Buck stepping out on the 
wide porch. Johnny Eagle was straddling the first
corral’s gate, his Winchester across his lap, staring
off to the North.
9(tracking shot) as Buck walks quickly over to the
10(sound cue) snare drum and guitar.
11(medium wide shot) Buck: What is it?
The Eagle pointed to a cloud of dust rising above
the horizon to the north of the house.
Someone’s coming; more than one horse.
Johnny was wearing a shell belt; something he 
seldom did.
12( two-shot) Buck: Kind of jumpy, aren’t
Johnny: When does the shit fly?
Buck: I’m going to go see Bronson tomorrow.
Johnny: And you figure he’s going to be real
pleased to see you?
Buck: Couldn’t tell you--still I’m going to try to
settle some things with him.
Johnny: I’ll give my rabbit’s foot some tugs for
you; it might help.
Buck: I didn’t know you were Irish.
Johnny: I might be.
13( cut to overhead drone shot) a wagon came up
over the rise, moving fast. It slowed on the flats
below the big boulder, and started down the drive
toward the house.
14(sound cue) fiddle,and banjo.
Voice Over: Johnny: It’s Salina Wallace.
15(medium wide shot) Johnny dismounted from the
gate, on the inside of the corral. He propped his
rifle against the fence. Buck strolled out into the 
yard. Salina rolled up in a black leather carriage,
harnessed to a pair of palominos. 
Salina: Afternoon, Mr. Buck. Hi, Johnny!, her smile
broad, her voice joyous. The Eagle waved a greeting,
and began unsaddling a horse he was working with.
Buck: I notice you’re still Mistering me.
Salina: OK, Rod--I have a question for you.
Buck: Shoot.
Salina: Are you hungry?
Buck: Hell, I could eat. What’s in the basket?
Salina: Fried chicken, potato salad, biscuits and
blackberry pie...are you interested?
Buck: Damn tootin’, lady! We live on bacon and 
beans around here. You hear that, Johnny? This
fair maiden has brought us a feast!
16(sound cue) harmonica and fiddle.
Johnny put the work saddle over a rail sawhorse,
and tramped up to the fence. Salina sat with her
gloved hands in her lap. She wore a pleated riding
skirt, high riding boots, a Spanish peasant blouse,
and a flat green hat with tassels on it.
Johnny: Kind of hot and dusty for a picnic, ain’t it?
Salina: I figured we might go inside to enjoy the
vittles. How would that be?

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub--OLN


Sanaa Rizvi said...

I feel like having blackberry pie now haha 😊 I so enjoy the chemistry between Buck and Salina .. this particular exchange tells me their relationship is about to go up a notch. Looking forward to reading the next installment! πŸ’œ

brudberg said...

I am still waiting for the Buck and Bronson fallout... but there are some things to tie before that happens... nice how you make the house come alive...

Kim M. Russell said...

I so enjoyed this episode, Glenn, and it fits in with Monday’s haibun prompt. I like the Auden quote too, which hints at some kind of excitement or danger.
The opening scene, the way it continues from the last episode, returns us to the family house and its memories, which made me sad. I like the sound effects. I also like Buck’s positivity in wanting to make the house a home again and what he says about “looking at the lights in other people’s windows”. And how nice of Salina to bring a picnic with her!

Jade Li said...

I see this: " I need to stop looking at the lights in other people’s windows." as a prayer, and the sudden appearance of the dust of the approaching Salina as an answer to it. Really good writing, Glenn. said...

....ah, I really feel like I’m back in the dVerse saddle again now! I’m loving the idea of Miss Salina sharing her vittles with Buck, (just had to correct the auto had Miss Salina sharing her virtues!)

Frank Hubeny said...

I'm glad to find out it was Salina in that dust cloud.

Grace said...

How confident of Salina to come with offer for food. I am happy with the developments.

robkistner said...

You work your butt off to hone the details dude! Kudos! I’m caught up in your story here, and enjoying it mighty fine... That black leather carriage with the two palominos sounded powerfully beautiful. What a strong scene. Write on bros...!