Thursday, June 20, 2019

Quagmire Awaits

Death to

Quagmire Awaits

“There was a lesson taught in Viet Nam and Iraq,
and we should have learned it by now. 
--Barack Obama .

The Middle East wears the robes of Hell.
Trump has provided the hand basket.
I can hear the Liberty Bell
tolling for thousands of future caskets.

I fear there will be another war in Iran.
Please, you must understand--
Trump is a dunce led by hawks,
military action could override talks.

18 years we have been in Afghanistan.
The Islamic lions prove to be very tough,
and they thrive in the mountainous rough. 
They will continue to fight to the last man,

woman and child. Did Iraq teach us
nothing, whelped by political lies?
Forget advancing, we must seek exodus.
No more cannon fodder midst the quagmire. 

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub MTB


Frank Hubeny said...

I agree. I hope there is peace there.

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

Yes, no more war. UGH. Well done Glenn.

Jade Li said...

100% in agreement. a dunce led by hawks. no more war. no more dead or maimed bodies and minds

Bryan Ens said...

Calling him a dunce might be too kind...

robkistner said...

Rage on brother, rage on! Not sure any of the asshats in Washington DC give a shit - but rage!

calmkate said...

I couldn't agree more .. it's only about profit! Selling WMD to both sides, and killing a few off levels out the economy ... it's no excuse but it's how the powers perceive it. Their kids don't provide the fodder, they are probably the arms dealers!

robkistner said...

Yo Glenn — You gotta be watching “Yellowstone” on Paramount Network. Season 2 just began today. You gotts watch season 1 first. Kevin Costner is patriarch of a huge cattle spread in Yellowstone Montana family. Been in family for generations — great cast, fighting siblings, fighting to keep the land, trying to influence government elections. Everybody stabbing everyone else in tye back! A wonderful modern cowboy story full of chaos and intrigue! I FUCKING LOVE IT. It’s on Thursdays I believe,— you will love it dude!

Glenn Buttkus said...

Yo, Rob--You're right, and I've been watching it since last year. It is so much more authentic than DALLAS used to be, or even THE SON on AMC, with Pierce Brosnan.

Frank J. Tassone said...

It's "Wag the Dog" all over again, for sure. A prophetic write, Glenn! said...

No argument from me. Learning something from past wars would be unique.

Kerfe said...

As the old song says, "When will we ever learn?"
the answer is still blowing in the wind.

JIm Feeney said...

Good one,'s all fun and games until the body bags come home.

Pat R said...

Straight to the heart of it! How will it all end....