Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Verduous Veritas

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Verduous Veritas

“I love it when a flower, or a little tuft of grass, grows
through a crack in the concrete--it is so fucking
heroic.”--George Carlin.

Since the dawn primeval,
when the great green canopy
blacked out the sun,
creatures struggling below 
flicked their olive tongues,
still wet from licking
the dew off the moss.

I’m here to report
nature’s essence is not red,
it is deep pulsating green,
like sucking the heart
out of green tomatoes,
like penicillin, Islamic flags,
ivy and budding leaves;

or life after death,
tarter on dead teeth,
mold on sun-bleached bones,
or odiferous rot
as flesh and wood and organs
and make their way
to the earth’s verdant womb.

I have to suggest
that each of you
needs to seek out
a peaceful glen,
expanses of grass, clover
and buttercups,
then lie on your back,
eyes flashing emerald,
arms wide open to a green sun,
hearts brimming with green fire;

and let the legions tramp by
their silver armor clanking,
their bloody pilum held high, 
because even the cockroaches know
that hell and war and greed
ride a raven-black stead,
and are never green.

Glenn Buttkus

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Jade Li said...

I love how you meander through the "green life" including the return to the green womb, until the end with the cold dead march of the soldiers. GREAT POEM, GLENN.

Truedessa said...

There is a lot here Glenn, I wonder if there will be a peaceful glen left after the clanking of armor. I am sure the cockroaches will survive and the butterflies will die.

Jane Dougherty said...

Green is the antithesis of black bloody war. It means life, you're right.

Laura Bloomsbury said...

was not sure at first which of the Laurie Lee prose pieces you had chosen as but evidently the first one "I had never been so close to grass before. It towered above me and all around me, each blade tattooed with tiger-skins of sunlight...."
Thank you for participating in the prompt - you have taken it to a supreme level of imaginings - hard hitting and didactic at times yet painted with that calming softness that green brings.

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

Your words are full of beauty and power Glenn.

lynn__ said...

I like the idea of green sun and green heart. Green is serene and I'm happy to live where there's plenty of green goodness growing!

brudberg said...

Oh that last stanza letting the darkness of war pass in favor of the green... love it.

Grace said...

This is a powerful call, specially with the last 2 stanzas. The green of mother nature trumpts everything else.

robkistner said...

Yo dude. What a mind trip! A green-hued helluva write Glenn. Full of super images!

Kerfe said...

Children know...we spent hours lying in the fields looking up at the sky. A powerful anthem for peace.

Misky said...

I love the way that last stanza feels like reality pinching its way to the surface.

Frank J. Tassone said...

Bold and searing, with evocative images that last!