Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Purple Majesty

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Purple Majesty

“If there actually is majestic poetry in my book about
the sea, it’s simply because no one can write
truthfully about the sea, and leave out the poetry.”
--Rachel Carson.

There can be
a majesty
in so very many things--
mountains do top my list, 
living as I do in
the Pacific Ring Of Fire

Kings, Queens and royalty
occupy the bottom of my list,
for they are merely
just iconic shadow memories
as they cling to tradition
with their fingernails.
Their fabulous wealth and status
are ludicrous and ridiculous,
even silly.

If I were King of the World,
I would disband
all the royal families;
they would scurry from me
as the aristocrats did during
the French & Russian Revolutions.
I would return their wealth and property
back to the people.

Asshat Trump would love
to be called Your Majesty,
instead of    Your Miserableness,
                    Your Malfunctionalness,
                    Your Mafianess,
                     Your Misinthropicness, and
                     Your Minimalness.
Trump is leaving a shit stain
on the future pages of history
that will never be able to be
spun or beautified.

There is so much more out here
that can be labeled as majestic;
a person’s kindness,
and as Eliza Farnham said,
the majestic mistress, the soul.

To me,
my incredible wife
has a majestic soul.
She is our family’s Matriarch,
and completely my soul mate.
She lights up a room
when she enters it,
and she floods our hearts
with an unmatched love.

A buzzard is not
majestic, but still it has
an important role.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


tonispencer said...

Ood tribute to your wife. Lol, i like buzzards. They mos def have their unique role

Frank Hubeny said...

Good point: "Their fabulous wealth and status
are ludicrous and ridiculous,
even silly." In the long run all that wealth means nothing.

Na'ama Yehuda said...

Yay to the majestic soul of your choice ...
(and I gather we know exactly how you feel of those who want to claim a royalty but ... um ... are decidedly not...) ;)

Jade Li said...

A very well-rounded essay on what majesty is -- and is not.

Jane Dougherty said...

I find a grace in buzzards too. Like great big moths.

Misky said...

The reference to buzzards - such an unusual angle.

Amaya said...

Royalty definitely bottoms out my list as well, though when you mentioned "[His] Mafianess" I think I had to dig a little deeper to make one more space.

brudberg said...

I think that anything that have demands to be called majestic is less so... majesty to me is silent and humble...

As for the orange trumpet he is the sludge beneath the bottom for me.

Truedessa said...

One cannot claim to be majestic, majestic is to me a natural wonder, not this dystopia called reality. (sigh)

I think your wife brings much beauty into your life.

peace and beauty