Monday, December 2, 2019

The Spirit Triumphs

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The Spirit Triumphs

“Here in America, we are all descended in blood
and spirit from revolutionists and rebels. As their
heirs, we must not confuse honest dissent with
disloyal subversion.”--Dwight D. Eisenhower.

the Golden Age
of Comics.
in 1940,
artist Will Eisner
created a newspaper
comic series called

about a murdered
rookie cop,
Denny Colt,
who returns
from beyond to fight crime.

He was sexy
and had super powers.
It ran until 1952.

Glenn Buttkus


This comic book character, one of my favorites, has lasted 
79 years, right up there with Superman and Batman. They
made a TV movie about him in 1987, which flopped. They
made a film about him in 2008, which was a moderate
success. Dark Horse Comics has resurrected him in
recent graphic novels.

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De Jackson said...

"He was sexy
and had super powers."

I love this, in particular, for some reason. ;) Sounds like a cool character, on top of all that.

brudberg said...

I do remember him more from the drawings than from actually reading it....

Jane Dougherty said...

What happened in 1952?

tonispencer said...

I remember the movie in 2008. It was barely passable. My cousin Billy was an bbn inker for Dark Horse until he died of cancer last year.

Jade Li said...

Never heard of this superhero, Glenn. Happy he is getting revived. I've read one non-fiction novel and saw one fictionalized film on the creator of Wonder Woman. Quite a fascinating story there!

Glenn Buttkus said...

Jane, it remained in the Sunday Funnies for 645 installments. In the late 40's it became a comic book. In 1952 ,the newspaper strip concluded.

Gillena Cox said...

Must say i was a comic book nut growing up, but i do not remember that character

Happy Monday


Linda Lee Lyberg said...

Cool, love this bit of nostalgia.

robkistner said...

I remember dude. Thanks for primin’ the ol’ memory pump!

Frank Hubeny said...

I think I remember that comic, but it has been a while. It somewhat reminds me of the movie Ghost which we saw recently although the themes are different.

qbit said...

Agreed, those last two lines are provocative. Like his super power was his sex appeal or something. Which would be pretty interesting.

Merril D. Smith said...

I'm with De:
"He was sexy
and had super powers."

I just picture someone saying this, and it makes me laugh. So thanks. :)

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Comic Book Writers
Heroes Who Keep
Us ReMeMBeRinG
Archetypes More
Than Slaves to
Rebel With
Wings Spirit

Amaya said...

That would be the most badass superpower: resurrection from the dead. And all to do good. Then you throw sexy in there, well. What could stop him? said...

A piece of history I did not know about. I admit...I was in to reading Nancy Drew mysteries and never got into comics at all. Still have not been to see any of the Marvel movies -- except the Superman early ones. BUT -- enjoyed this and can truly imagine you as a comic buff here with this character! Ah that people could really have super powers!