Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Fine Day

Painting by Rick Mobbs

Another Fine Day

I felt better
as I walked
to Capitol hill
and my appointment
with David,
even though
I've not been paying
much heed
to my musical muse

Did I tell you
about my waking dream
this morning?
No, I didn't.

I had a dream
this morning
that I had made peace
with someone
with whom I've had
a troubled relationship.

So the day
started out
to begin with.
And was made
by a pint of stout.

David loves
my music,
so do I,
and so should you.
It's an entirely new type
of music.
I'm ahead of my time.

Number nine bus
Cooked burgers
for dinner.

Doug Palmer May 2008


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug, i stumbled onto this. like what you are doing here. mind if i also post it on my blog?

Glenn Buttkus said...

I posted the poem for friend, Doug. Love your blog site too, Rick. Taking my cue from Janet Leigh, I have used your wonderful paintings to illustrate several poems here on this site. For readers, please check out Rick Mobbs, paintings and poetry at MINE ENEMY GROWS OLDER,