Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bridegroom

art by John Vega


The bridegroom wanted to reach
the Norwegian Church.
But the roads were made impassable
by huge snows.
We are each the bridegroom
longing for existence.

Marriage brings the moth close
to the candle flame.
With their frail wings, men and women
Are constantly flying into
the fire of existence.

Some say that each drop
of ground water in Kansas
Knows about the ocean.
How can this be?
Every drop of water longs
like us for existence.

Abu Said fasted in the desert
for twenty years.
Later when he came back,
his dragon friend wept.
"Your suffering gave me
a hint of existence."

When the pianist's fingers strike
all the notes
In the Tenth Prelude, it's clear
Bach's soul has been
Leaping about like a hare
in the field of existence.

Robert, you're close to joy
but not quite there.
You are a hunchback standing
in an Italian Square, looking in
at the festival of existence.

Robert Bly

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— My Sentence Was A Thousand Years of Joy

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