Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Democracy Redeux

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Democracy Redeux

“This is your country. This is your democracy. Make
it. Protect it. Pass it on.”--Thurgood Marshall.

Welcome to the “Save Democracy Now” helpline.
Where all alternate facts are vanquished.
Where all dictators have no clothes.

This call may be recorded for truth purposes.
Pay close attention to the political menu.
Thank you for calling “Save Democracy Now”.

For certified data, press 1.
For proven facts, press 2.
For all alternate facts are banned.

For whistleblowing, press 3.
For justice for all, press 4.
At the place where dictators are stripped naked.

Where free speech is encouraged,
but ignorance does not trump knowledge;
where college tuitions are free.

Where every citizen has health insurance,
where immigrants are greeted with open arms,
where teachers make more money than plumbers.

Where the middle class thrives,
where the poor are never homeless or hungry,
where there are no apes in the corner office. 

Does this sound like a New Democracy,
a racist-free Republic,
a land with actual unalienable freedom?
Well, Christ--it’s about time, isn’t it?

I believe that we need to save our Democracy,
before we take on saving the planet, and
after the dystopians are run to ground.

I live near the great
Cascades, where waterfalls sing their
ancient tribal names.

Glenn Buttkus

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Merril D. Smith said...

Excellent quote by Thurgood Marshall. I wish people would call, and that they actually cared about facts, and that they could see the emperor/dictator/president had no clothes.

Grace said...

The best defence against lies is being informed and engaged with one's causes. Alternate facts can countered if one has read and verified from various sources.

I love it when waterfalls sing their ancient tribal names.

Jade Li said...

You're right, triage is vital. We need a strong leader. It won't happen without one. Bernie2020

robkistner said...

This is brilliant Glenn! The concept is superb and tge execution is spot on. I smiled and snarled through the entire read - even growled a couple times, hungrey for democracy! Rage on brother, rage on!

M said...

I don't mind plumbers making money. Banksters and wall street suited thugs - those bug me ~

Amaya said...

I personally don't think democracy is a free enough system to live out our God-given right to life and pursuit of one's own path. Sure, restore a way that makes everyone's voice heard, but don't stop there where majority rules. Allow for divergent ways of life and make it a social priority to bring out everyone's gifts, even those on 'the other side.'

brudberg said...

Democracy is one of the hardest things to build... but some things should be taken for granted.. the most important is maybe that ruling by majority can be worse than dictatorship... ruling a democracy means taking care also of minorities... to be able to explain what might be lees popular...