Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Emperor of Oz

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The Emperor of Oz

Dorothy: How can you talk if you haven’t 
got a brain?
Scarecrow: I don’t know--but some people
without brains do an awful lot of talking.

Candy Man    can,
                               but      shouldn’t,
even though     super strong
                         MaryJane             cupcakes
  cannot cure                            Trumpitis,
              those political       spin lesions
brought on by paroxysms        of        POTUS
We must
      invest our hope,
                as the may be     cuz maybe 
Nancy Pee    
                can give      WE         of the
the recipe for         french-fried freedom
                                 and equity
once damned Donald      takes
         several bites out of the       Giant
              imPEACHment,                       and
the New Normal    can be more like      the
Old Normal, except        different/better,
     much preferred   to the    political pablum
          that is spewed out of
                                             pundit pie holes,
because this time    it’s more than  the
bleeding out of every o
                                          e-- Hell, no,
Jack!  Finally we must witness the congregation
of Republican scarecrows singing:
                  If I only had a brain...

Glenn Buttkus

This is my "imitation" of Edward Estlin Cummings,
who is known for his radical experimentation with
form, punctuation, spelling and syntax.

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robkistner said...

Love it Glenn. Strong shit, and well presented in form. Pic is great! I almost went “ee” but couldn’t this galloping Tennyson meter outta my head — and I was having a bit of surreal hang over.

Frank Hubeny said...

That does look like Cummings. I liked all the alliteration in "french-fried freedom".

indybev said...

Your pithy diatribes and your ability to fit them into any poetic style never fail to entertain me!

tonispencer said...

Another political I don't see much of EE in this, maybe Ginsberg with the ranting. Lots of people imitating Tennyson but all I ever hear in my brain when I read him is "quoth the raven never more".

Jade Li said...

It was a lot of fun letting my eye follow where the letters and words went. Damned Donald jumped out at me.

Dwight L. Roth said...

You went all out on this one. Seems the New Normal is always changing!

sarah said...

but ee was always so


or maybe that's just the ones I've read.

Love your wordplay and your righteous anger.

Alexandra said...

oh, I almost did cummings, but got scared off, and did Shakespeare instead lol. Nice "immitation" (and in sincerest flattery, I will say that it is also vintage Glenn)

brudberg said...

Yes the fun of the wordplay... and though the world is far from comic today we have to be allowed to laugh just a little