Monday, September 14, 2020

Fornicatus Formicdae

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 Fornicatus Formicdae

“The ant is a centaur in his dragon world.”

--Ezra Pound.

Archie Ant and Bertha Beetle finally tied the knot.

It was a small affair, with 3,000 of his collective,

and 35 of her relatives. (Beetles are anti-social).

They invited the Wasps, but they felt the couple

was too black for their comfort. The Bees were 

glad to come, bringing honey ale, and honeycomb

treats. The Hornets showed up with their musical

instruments. The Spiders arrived on their silken

Harleys, and became the security, keeping out

snakes and rodents.

For the big night they booked the Honeymoon

Suite at the top of the Hive Hotel. It had skylights

open to the Milky Way and a full bridal moon. After

hours of lovemaking, they folded up their fecund

wings, and in their dreams they sleep with the moon

beams dancing on their moist throbbing naked torsos.

Tomorrow, with the sunrise, their new life would

Glenn Buttkus


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Lucy said...

This is so beautifully written and very humorous. The opening was fantastic and it draws the reader in instantly. It's brilliant, the way you wrote this, as well witty. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on the dVerse prompt. It's great. :)

robkistner said...

Lets hope the spiders did a more humane job than the Hells Angels did for the Stones at Altamonte. Cool write dude! :)

lynn__ said...

An entertaining write, Glenn. I like the guest list! Just a note, if they're married it's not fornication ;)

Ron. said...

I might have been there, you paint it so clearly. I believe that in a previous existence I WAS a beetle of some sort, and reading your wedding tale, I got this wicked deja-vu.

Great stuff, Glenn.

Ingrid said...

If we can have an ugly bug ball, then why not an ugly bug wedding with a honeymoon night and all? Great writing.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is absolutely stunning, Glenn! I enjoyed the vivid imagery and touch of humor in this one πŸ’ especially; "The Spiders arrived on their silken Harleys, and became the security, keeping out snakes and rodents."πŸ˜ƒ

Merril D. Smith said...

This is a delight, Glenn! Clever, amusing, and full of lovely details. I really enjoyed reading this.

Dale said...

This was absolutely delicious, Glenn! I love, love, love it!

brudberg said...

I really love it, both the romantic tale and the humor or an insect's life.