Monday, September 28, 2020

Luna, Cynthia, and Selene

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 Luna, Cynthia and Selene

“At night , I open the window and ask the moon to

come in and press its face against mine.”--Rumi.

Damn, what a bummer to discover there is no Man 

in/on the Moon--and no Nazis and no space port for
UFO’s; doesn’t seem to be made of cheese either.

She is quite shy about revealing her dark side, never

allowing us to get a peek; demure, mysterious.  But

satellites and astronauts have now seen her naked

behind, and the report is it’s unremarkable.

In 1959, post-Sputnik, the Russian crashed an

uncrewed space craft on the surface, and another one

that made a softer landing in 1966 . Then the United

States orbited the moon in 1968. Between ‘68-72,

America put six men on the moon. They planted a

couple of flags, bagged up some rocks and dust, and

left. For 48 years, no man has walked, or played golf

on it.

All dogs howl at the

moon; what do they know we don’t?

Prehistoric fears?

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub


Frank J. Tassone said...

A delightful--and satirical--take on the moon. Excellent!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

The moon most certainly has a dark side which she chooses to keep hidden! This is fabulous and rocks the prompt, Glenn. 💝

Ken Gierke said...

The spaceport could be below the surface. There's still hope!

Kim M. Russell said...

I love the Rumi quote you used and where it took you, Glenn. The moon has been hyped up by writers, artists and scientists for so long, it is a disappointment to discover that it isn’t quite so exciting. I enjoyed the cheeky personification, especially the bit about astronauts having seen her naked
behind! The haiku says a lot – I think we’ve over-analysed our prehistoric fears and now we can’t even recognise them.

JadeLi said...

Factual but enigmatic also, just like the moon. Excellent haibun, Glenn.

Christine Bolton said...

A great take on the prompt of moon Glenn. I have always loved the mystery of the moon rather than man being able to reach it. I think it's OK to be a bit "loony" around the full moon and what is more romantic than a moon, any shape, size or color?

Ron. said...

Nice work indeed. I esp like the science/poetry bifocality.

Jenna said...

Your poems have so much personality!

Arcadia Maria said...

An interesting take on this prompt. Nicely done.

lynn__ said...

You've resolved some of the moon's mystery with a bit of humor!

robkistner said...

Love your writer’s perspective in your work, keeps one on their toes — and thinking. Always puts a wry smile on my face Glenn, while I nod agreement concurrently. Well written brother.

Ingrid said...

This Haibun made me smile. Let's hope there are no Nazis in space as there are enough of them down here on Earth. Speaking of which: isn't Trump planning to open a resort so he and his mates can play golf on the moon once they've finally exhausted all of Earth's resources?

Kerfe said...

Humans always need to leave their mechanical marks, missing the point, as usual.

Helen said...

Dogs howling ... what do they know we don’t ... that Diana Goddess of the Moon walks there.

brudberg said...

It's said that our favorite president will move there and build a golf course on the dark side of the moon.

Merril D. Smith said...

This made me smile. Dogs are more sensitive than people--they probably do know something we don't said...

Love that Rumi quote, Glenn. Also the unimpressed astronauts looking at the moon’s rear.