Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Ramtha Ranch

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Ramtha Ranch

“I tell you, you are indeed ongoing immortal

essence, who has been living for a billion years”


I live near Yelm, WA.,

where J. Z. Knight

has her 80 acre compound, the

Ramtha School of Enlightenment.

I’ve read several of their texts,

and could see the Gnostic influences.


The following is a conversation

between Ramtha and myself.

To just let life happen is irresponsible.

What about the Zen teachings, where our

Higher Self beyond the veil, is setting the bones 

and parameters for our next reincarnation?

Yes, just face your fears and allow yourself to

recognize their illusions.

Alacrity & fear are necessary processes, but I do

feel that the monsters of my mind can and should

be controlled. We are powerful entities.

Accept that these thoughts that were bred into you

are just crust on the loaf--the Universe is calling .

Yes, my spirit guides do whisper in my brain, and

sometimes I do pay attention.

You, who were brilliant light in the void, did create man

in order to experience life on this plane.

I always did like the notion that we, each of us, 

co-created matter and man, but that implies that we

also helped to create chaos, war, and pestilence, and

that is a leviathan on our backs.

If you are referring to the Covidvirus Pandemic that

presently ravages the planet, you must understand that

the Universe has a plan. Stupidity is not rewarded.

Christ’s eyes--millions are dying.

But billions will survive, unshackled, unfettered, cleansed

and awakened--ready to reboot and rebuild.

I hope you’re right.

Hope is poor currency. Ardent focus and clarity will blow

you to safe harbor.
But what is the Great Pumpkin gets re-elected?

Then the purging and culling will not yet be completed.

I can dig it, don’t like it much, but I hear you.

The Ascended Masters are applauding. We appreciate

you paying attention.

If I’m above ground, in about a year, I’d like to talk

Above or beyond, it shall be so.

Glenn Buttkus

Vatic Voice

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JadeLi said...

A fascinating and enlightening conversation between you and Ramtha! I've wondered more than a few times if the reality I'm experiencing has been fashioned in some way by my hand, and why would it be this way.

“I tell you, you are indeed ongoing immortal
essence, who has been living for a billion years”

Weird to think this is so, but it seems as if we are a self-contained system and the components are endlessly recycled.

Do the followers of Ramtha stay contained on the 80 acres or do they come out and about?

Glenn Buttkus said...

It is a bit cultish, but followers/disciples are free, once fully indoctrinated, they are free to go forth and spread the word in the New Age community.

robkistner said...

“I tell you, you are indeed ongoing immortal
essence, who has been living for a billion years”

...fascinating write Glenn, and I again hear your wry smile — but I love it. BTW, I find I have been drawn to the essence of what Ramtha is puttin’ out there. I find I am inclined not believe our “ personality” exists beyond the grave, but I can believe our life energy does. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, just altered to a different form. Who the fuck knows. The only thing I know, is the pains in my body are varied and increasing. My ability to endure is, at this point, endeavoring to keep pace. Peace brother!

JadeLi said...

When I think about it a little more, it isn't their bodies that are controlled it's their minds so probably fine to let them wander about and look for new members.

Ken Gierke said...

"If I’m above ground" - I like to think this means not hunkered in a bunker because the Great Pumpkin was re-elected.

Dwight L. Roth said...

Such an interesting and heartfelt piece, Glenn. I love the wisdom that comes forth in your conversation. The fact the millions are dying, but billions will go on is something to consider. The earth takes care of itself when we don't do our part!
well done!

Ingrid said...

I found this conversation humorous and entertaining:
'what if the Great Pumpkin gets re-elected?' What indeed! And yet, as they say 'life goes on.'The Divine Plan continues to unfold...

Kim M. Russell said...

Another first for me, Glenn, I’d never heard of Ramtha. It seems to me that there are many of these communities that we don’t hear of, because the USA is so vast. In the UK, we are aware of the few that exist. An 80-acre compound would certainly come up on someone’s radar. I am wary of this kind of community, which I suspect is more of a cult than a healthy living commune, of which I had some experience in Ireland in the 1980s. I’m not sure about preparing for the next reincarnation when we are needed now by our families and friends. Surely being selfless to others is better than being concerned about our own reincarnation, particularly in the pandemic, when care and responsibility for others should be utmost in our minds. Which is why we don’t want the Great Pumpkin to be re-elected.

Kerfe said...

It's true we see only the effects of the world on our puny lives. Hopefully, the larger picture will crush us and renew itself into a better place.
Great Pumpkin is way too nice a term for him!

Gillena Cox said...

"But billions will survive, unshackled, unfettered, cleansed
and awakened--ready to reboot and rebuild."

Indeed it is not just about we who are here today


brudberg said...

Yes indeed... most will go on to live... but climate change will claim us instead.