Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gone Phishing

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Gone Phishing

“I’m a con artist in that I am an actor, making people
believe something is real whey they know perfectly
well it is not.”--John Lithgow

God help us gather the energy to gird our loins
against the fricking & fracking hordes of phishermen.

My own friends were fueled with compassionate fear
receiving an email reporting that I had been robbed

in Spain, was now stranded and sorry, but
I was begging for a 1000 bucks to bolster

my meager abilities to ever get out of damned Madrid,
to arrive home, both happier and spouting homilies.

All claims were callously bogus, of course, but
it did give hackers heinous access to my honied

laundry list of friends and lingering contacts, and
yes, it took a lot of time to reduce the torment,

to untangle the terrible tumult,
to reclaim a replica of control, my rights

if not to privacy, then perhaps just to mock-pastoral 
cyber-freedom; so hey, be afraid of phishing scams. 

Glenn Buttkus

July 2013

Posted over at dVerse Poets FFA

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Claudia said...

ah it is scary when people get access to your private stuff... a friend of mine's pay pal account got hacked and someone bought stuff with her credit card...she got everything back really quickly but it's scary nonetheless..

Brian Miller said...

yay! he's back...ha...i remember getting this email from you a while back...glad you made it out smiles...hackers suck...nothing better to do than their time, i hope karma catches up...nicely done on the allit...

first line, should it be to gird our loins?

brudberg said...

Love to have you back Glenn.. And the topic of your poem is for sure scary. Wonder when I see some strange poems on my site next time. Love your writing here sir.

Anonymous said...

Definitely 3 strong allits in each line, although I wasn't finding the fourth beat. This form is way harder than I thought ... smiles

Your subject is scary. Of course, we all know that there are thousands of Nigerians (people of other nationalities are guilty too) who have billionaire uncles who just died and who are suffering a teensy tiny credit problem just now - or could use a bank account to pass their inheritance through.

No Way! You mean to say there aren't? Smiles

Steven Marty Grant said...

Great take, I love things that come from a new direction like this does.

Laurie Kolp said...

Ah, man... sorry this happened, but beautiful penned verse!

Beth Winter said...

I heard of this scam before. Man, they sent it from you? How crazy. Well written.