Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Oh Darkness, Darkness

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 Oh Darkness, Darkness

“Darkness, darkness, long and lonesome, take

away my pain. I have felt the edge of sadness.

I have known the depth of fear.”--Robert Plant.

Pandemic just used to be distant words on the

tattered pages of history--global catastrophe from

centuries past. In the third indigo year of the Trump

Presidency, only a few foresaw the planet-wide

crisis looming. 

Less than a dozen people came down with Covid-19

just up the road from me in WA state. Our idiot-in-chief

claimed in would disappear in a month. The moment

Trump uttered that blasphemy, I freaked. I visualized

God becoming outraged. Trump’s moronics had to be

smitten for sure, but Jehovah’s anger was molten and

it enflamed and enslaved a planet with the virus.

Meanwhile all the ignorance, lies, and evil that was

promulgated by Trumpism drove a searing wedge into

the heart of our nation. Nearly half of us resided in a

false narrative, a counter-dimension, a separate

reality. Trump became King of Looney Tunes Land.

Reinforced for years by alternate facts, distortions,

delusions, cursed lies and insane conspiracy

theories, the K.K.K, Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys,

Oath keepers, Qanon, Nazis, Birchers, and holdout

Jim Crowers brought out the chains, bullwhips,

lynching ropes, metal baseball bats and MAGA hats.

Trump drooled with joy as he incited them, cried for

insurrection, stirred the fabricated turds, spewing vile

lies, and pointing the way down Pennsylvania Avenue

to the Capital Building, telling them he would be with

them, that he loved them. Soon we heard chanting,

Hang Mike Pence and Kill Nancy Pelosi. Stoked with

the Kool Aid, the blood thirsty mob stormed the 

Capital. Five people died. Democracy was held

hostage for two terrifying hours.

Yes, they impeached Trump for the second time, and

his dismal disgrace will forever darken the future 

pages of History. Now, here we are, on the final day 

of his infamous lunatic reign, preparing for his

flood of cronie pardons, and being forced to

provide him with a majestic send-off at joint-

base Andrews, with a fucking red carpet, a

shiny military band, and a 21-gun salute as

he boards Air Force One to fly to Florida.

What the son-of-a-bitch deserves is to be 

handcuffed and muzzled, and like his hero

Mussolini, be dragged behind a Hum Vee all

the way to Mari Lago. 

Regardless, tomorrow will be the first day

of breathing untainted air, of sanity, dignity,

liberty and shining Hope. Joe Biden has

inherited a ReTrumplican shit show, a plethora

of problems, and a country, and a world in

terrible crisis and chaos. Yet, hey, I’m smiling,

and so should you.

Glenn Buttkus 

Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub


Sanaa Rizvi said...

Fingers crossed for the inauguration tomorrow!💝 I love the poignancy with which this poem is penned. Especially agree with; "Joe Biden has inherited a plethora of problems,".. sigh.. but somehow I feel he will emerge through victorious!💝

Merril D. Smith said...

I went on my morning walk and felt such hope today. It was swirling up with the sun and clouds and blowing answers in the wind.
I hope all goes smoothly today. I have a feeling the loony tunes residents are lying low today, but will be ready to jump to their deposed king's words at any moment. And I hope he's convicted by the Senate, and then tried and convicted by the courts.

Kerfe said...

My brother thinks he'll spend his retirement giving depositions and testifying in court under oath. I hope that's true. And his entire family too.

Ingrid said...

'King of Looney Tunes Land' indeed. Let's hope for some kind of return to sanity...

Helen said...

Today ~~~ I could not be breathing more deeply!!! A new day a new dawn a new life.

Ken Gierke said...

Amen, brother.

purplepeninportland.com said...

I really felt like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. He will probably never get the punishment he deserves, but I hope I never have to see that face and listen to that voice, ever again. Perfect depiction, Glenn.

brudberg said...

I find the most amazing thing that there is a calm when I don't have to be upset by another lie from Trump... maybe we can start to have normal reactions and find those smaller faults to be upset from...