Thursday, May 6, 2021

Damn Dissonance

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Damn Dissonance

“It is an awful thing to be betrayed by your own

body.”--David Levithan.


Thank the Lords of Democracy

the Moron, Bully, Liar, Sadist, Fascist

Trumpster is gone,

exiled to Mar A Lago,

soon faded and forgotten,

just a smudge,

a blood stain on

the pages of History.



Trump is far from gone,

as Republicans are on queue

to kiss his ring;

exiled like Napoleon to Elba,

who re-emerged and failed again,

soon re-exiled to St. Helena.

The Donald vows to return,

with a new enemies’ list

and a thousand new lies to spread.

Even though he is banned

from Twitter and Facebook,

he appears on Fox daily,

clinging to the Big Lie

like a deranged idiot.

If he stays out of jail,

he will surely fail a second time,

and might get impeached for a third time.

Perhaps at that point

he will be exiled to Flint, Michigan. 




we have an embarrassment of riches--

three successful Covid vaccines,

with a fourth one on the horizon.

Here in America,

we are already 45%

vaccinated, and CDC restrictions

are dropping off us

like dead skin after a bad sunburn.

The light burns brightly

at the head of the tunnel.

We are over the hump,

galloping into the Home Stretch.


Well, it turns out that

Republicans, Trump basers, and vaccine deniers

threaten to prevent the rest of us

from ever achieving “herd immunity”.

Look at India, whose prime minister

used Trumps playbook,

and is presently experiencing

a rabid berserker of a second surge,

creating a new variant,

and achieving negative numbers

of the sick and the dead,

never seen before,

as cremations pyres burn in the streets

and parking lots 24 hours a day.

Death struts with impunity,

and the News videos look like

the Second Holocaust.

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over on d'Verse Poet's Pub


Sanaa Rizvi said...

"prime minister used Trumps playbook, and is presently experiencing a rabid berserker of a second surge,".. yes it's horrific what's happening in India these days! I couldn't believe my ears when the news came regarding the ritual and millions of people involved (not wearing masks) and in return the chaos spreading. It's outrageous that no restrictions were imposed in the first place! Lord have mercy.

JadeLi said...

Sometimes reality defies belief. How we continue to put up with this BS across the globe must mean our creator is tired of us and wants us to self-immolate.

Grace said...

I back up FB on removing his active status. He and his kind are best left to garbage.

Also, the pandemic is still raging. Don't think we can get that herd immunity yet due to some stupid folks. That is life, sighs.

Kim M. Russell said...

The hard ‘d’ in the alliterative title sets the tone for your fist palinode, Glenn, which is picked up in the ‘blood stain on the pages of History’, the comparison with Napoleon and the words ‘deranged idiot’. Whenever I see his name or his face, I switch off, physically and mentally.
Herd immunity is a myth, especially in huge populations in which so many people don’t believe or just don’t know that Covid exists – until it gets them.

Ingrid said...

I do believe the virus has a better chance of standing the test of time than Trump. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, I don't know. Better to be rid of the both of them! You have summed up well the ambiguity of our times.

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

Glenn, you written what many of us are thinking. Fours years are going to fly by, and then what? I too hope he goes to jail because if not...see I can't even say it.

JIm Feeney said...

A vivid and accurate description of the current state of affairs, point counter point.
Up here in Canada, I having been taking a break from following US politics since Trump exited, but I'm beginning to feel that existential threat to all that is good creeping back in,

brudberg said...

It seems like authoritarian rules are becoming the new normal... Trump and his followers seem to be what we should be expected going forward...