Thursday, May 20, 2021

Our Nightmares

"Trumpenstein" by Dave Pell.

 Our Nightmares

“Our future should be carefree, living in the light, 

not inhabiting a nightmare in the darkness of

the soul.”--Dave Pelzer.

With the media it seems,

its focus jumps around,

featuring death as laser beams,

and migraines that pound.

We gulp at the darkness

to get it down fast,

not using our smartness

as we did in the past.

We live in a nightmare

that the world must share,

with too many bad actors

and too many deadly factors.

Right here we’re over the hump,

still trying to get over Trump,

but he is a city cockroach,

and he feels beyond reproach.

Many of us got the vaccine,

as Trump did in secret,

but he’s too damn mean,

knowing now he can’t keep it,

the oval office and the power,

with more gold toilets in his tower.

He festers in Florida,

polishing his swastika,

like a very rotten tooth,

and stranger to the truth.

A wolf no longer at the door,

just a pile of vomit on the floor,

he’s still got that smell,

like brimstone in hell.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at  d'Verse Poet's Pub MTB


robkistner said...

Rage on Glenn, rage on my friend. Trump is a cockroach, a weasel, a worm. Would love to put him on civil trial and watch him squirm. strong write here dude, and truth du jour!

robkistner said...

Waltzes were composed in triple meter, usually ¾ time, and have an >> MM - bap - bap << rhythm with one chord per bar. Generally, a low bass note is played for the first beat, and the other two beats fill out the chord a little higher on the piano.

indybev said...

Your scathing Trumpisms continue, Glenn. It never ceases to amaze me that nearly half Americans actually follow him. In my lifetime, there are four vile men who stand out,
and they are Hitler, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson. They all used their unexplainable charisma to vile and evil acts.

JadeLi said...

The media are his accessories to his crimes. If they stopped talking about him he'd shrivel back into the dessicated maggot he is and crawl back to hell where he belongs.

Ingrid said...

You chose to dance with the devil here, and painted a pretty comprehensive picture:

'He festers in Florida,

polishing his swastika,

like a very rotten tooth,

and stranger to the truth.'

I think you've got him down, let him do his ugly dance alone! said...

Oh you nailed this one, Glenn! WHY OH WHY is this orange man still around and getting obedience from so many people who were IN the midst of an insurrection with their lives threatened, and KNOW in their hearts who caused it and doesn't give a damned that it happens other than the votes were still counted booting him out of the People's house?

I wanted to tell you again, how much I enjoyed your reading about James Baldwin at Open Link LIVE and to tell you about a marvelous book I'm in the midst of that, given your reading, I think you would enjoy immensely: Begin Again by Eddie S. Glaude Jr. It's about James Baldwin.....and is superb. It's a NY Times Bestseller. Named one of the best books of the year by Time, The Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune. Winner of the Stowe Prize. Shortlised for the Goddard Riverside Stephan Russo Book Prize for Social Justice. I think you would enjoy it immensely!

brudberg said...

I wonder too... but I think that many simply are fed up with anything the government says... they rather have one deciding every aspect of their life than having anyone putting limits. To me the concept of freedom has been corrupted for a very long time. I love my freedom but without borders freedom would just mean that we have a battle where most people would lose their for the benefit of the few.

Tricia said...

Your last two stanzas are about so much more than just Trump! It's that mindset that lingers on. The division is still here, sad to say. said...

Excellent, Glenn! He is the root cause of division in the country, and anti-everybody hate groups.