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Blackthorne Episode 142

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Cinemagenic 142

Trinity Down

“The trinity is mere Abracadabra of the

mountebanks calling themselves the

priests of Jesus.”--Thomas Jefferson.

1(sound cue) soft piano

2(medium close-up) Buck chewed the chicken and

waited. He heard no one. His eyes glowed red,

reflecting his rage and the fire.

3(medium wide shot) He moved out into the open,

and moved swiftly to the staircase.

4(sound cue) low cello throbs and Indian seed rattle.

5(cut to the top of the stairs) watching Buck ascend 

the stairs two at a time like a stalking cat.

6(medium close-up) He paused on the landing for the

second floor. He froze, listening. Shuffling boots and

loud voices suddenly rose up from below. He 

unholstered the sawed-off.

7(medium wide-shot) The stairs to the third floor 

seemed to go to the attic. The small door at the top

was padlocked. He cocked the sawed-off and crept

down a dark corridor, passing closed doors.

  A light came on in one of the rooms ahead of him.

Beams of light bent under the door and brightly

penciled an outline around it. Buck stood to one

side of it. He could hear soft moans. The voices

downstairs became audible. Cash Bronson was in

the house.

   Buck tried the door knob. It was locked. He

lowered his shoulder and crashed into the door

like a raging bull.

8(sound cue) Coronet and electric guitar.

9(cut to interior of the room) as the door

disintegrated into kindling, and Buck lurched

into the room.

10(two-shot) Thor Bronson rose up off the bed, with

his cock in one hand and a framed picture of Salina

in the other. The gunman was holding the picture in

his injured right hand, and his .38 was cross-holstered

on his right hip. The two men faced each other, frozen

in time, one with a double barreled sawed-off shotgun,

and the other with an erect penis.

11(sound cue) breaking glass

12(close-up) Salina’s picture hit the floor and the 

glass cover shattered.

13(close-up) Thor’s left hand went for his .38.

Even with his left hand, he was fast, as he drew

the pistol.

14(sound cue) a gutteral scream, a Colt 

discharging, and a shotgun roaring--all


15(two-shot)  both men firing.

16(close-up) A mirror behind buck exploding.

17(close-up) Thor being hit in the left hand and 

the right hip.

18(close-up) buckshot tearing up the wall behind


19(two-shot) the impact knocked Thor onto the

bed. His eyes were glassy. He was in shock, so he

felt no pain yet. He gripped his gunshot left hand

with his crippled right hand, and gasped:

Goddamn, why did you come back? You were home

free. No one was chasing you.

Buck holstered his sawed-off and roughly jerked Thor

to his feet.

Time to meet the Devil.

20(cut to hallway) as Buck pushed Thor back toward

the landing.

21(sound cue) Cash Bronson from downstairs:

Thor! Are you still standing?

22(close up) Thor, screaming: C A S H !!

23(two-shot) Buck rammed his fist into the small of

Thor’s back, spinning him around.

Buck: He is fine, Cash! He’s coming right down to

see you!

Buck drew the Thunderer, and fired once into the

gunman’s genitals. Then he shoved him down the

stairs. Thor rolled down the stairs like a broken

scarecrow, his feet flashing into the air, as he

followed his cock down to hell.

24(sound cue) three gunshots.

Buck shot him three times as he tumbled down.

Thor’s body jerked to the left, crashed through a

bannister, and fell ten feet to the floor, landing

stone dead.

  Seven guns reciprocating Buck’s fire.

Glenn Buttkus

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JadeLi said...

Glenn, I haven't read this episode yet because I first want to let you know that your link at Mr. Linky doesn't come to the episode. Can you please check it and try again? Once I see the good link to it, I will delete the other link.

JadeLi said...

You made my heart skip the way you described Buck hearing the soft moaning behind the locked door and my eye skipped to Salina's name in the text. What a way for Thor to go. He got what he deserved! He earned that ending! I can see him, maimed, shot, crumpled, rolling down the staircase. I hope Buck survives that barrage of bullets! I really wonder what (or who) is locked in the attic...

Merril D. Smith said...

Yikes! What an episode--erect penis and gunfire. What a way for Thor to go, and you left us with another cliffhanger.

forestbather said...

So original, such a clever idea, and merge of art forms.

Kerfe said...

as usual, on the edge of the verge...

Ingrid said...

I did laugh when it turned out to be Salina's picture Thor was moaning over! Looks like the end to his cocksure days...keep the action coming!

Ken / rivrvlogr said...

And I enjoyed Ingrid's "cocksure days" comment as much as I did this episode.

Dora said...

I hesitate to call this "fan" fiction, but on the other hand, only a fan could have written this epic fail of Thor's. :>)

robkistner said...

And so your epic rolls on Glenn — may it not end until it is over… peace and health brother!

brudberg said...

My heart stopped before I realized it was only the picture of Salina he had there. What a pathetic ending for the gunman.

But maybe Buck has crossed the border where he has no real future left.