Sunday, May 23, 2010

Artist's Creed

Image by Yi-Ching Lin

When people tell me that I am so lucky to live in a city
with so many faces, I tell them art is in the details. When
people tell me that I have a great eye for images,
I give credit to the city.

As a self-taught photographer living in New York City,
I typically choose everyday objects and people as my
inspiration. Through these images, I seek to engage the
audience in sometimes subtle, oftentimes whimsical,
exercises in seeing, thinking, and feeling. I am drawn by
settings that reflect the transience of life, the beauty in
its wear and tear, and the innately human ability to find
uplifting gestures during difficult times or within
everyday distractions.

The pattern that emerges from my work across the years
is one of simplicity, natural depth, and clear-cut structure.
As a classically trained and professional musician, I find art
all around me in the same way as I enjoy shaping music
from the sounds of the city.

Yi-Ching Lin

Posted on her site Yi-Ching Lin Photography

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