Monday, May 17, 2010



When a river has to turn a corner
it often forms a back current,
a little pool of water
that swirls in a vortex
exempting itself
from the main current of it's life,
going around in circles,
advancing it's journey not a whit.
That is the feeling I have
about this day,
a Friday,
a Friday that will apparently
remain sunny for it's duration.

But just how much do I
resemble a river
(aside from being all wet,
as my dear departed mother
would no doubt quip)?

....(A significant passage of time)...

I can't think of anything.

At least those rotating pools
of river water
provide fish with respite
on their battle
with contrarian currents
on the trek to paradise.

But, In A Greater Sense....
don't we all?

Doug Palmer May 2010

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