Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Design by Will Shortz


The Tacoma News Tribune
had some kind of a journalistic
brain fart, creating a new kind
of puzzle the other day:
___in marriage, ___shake, ___writing,
clock___, ____y, ___of cards, first____,
second____, bite the ____, ____out,
force one’s ___, ___ to mouth, ___down,
___over, ___out, lay ___s on, upper ___,
high ___, heavy ___, ___bag, ___ball,
___bill, ___book, ___cart, ___cuffs,
George Frederick ____el, ___ful,
___ grenade, ___ grip, ___icap, ___icraft,
___kerchief, ___le, ___bar, ___-made,
___-me-down, ___rail, ___saw, ___set,
___some, ___spike, ___-to-mouth,
Jesus, I will just make a bunch of
___labels, and fill in all these blanks.

Glenn Buttkus May 2010

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