Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The City Leaks

Image by Yi-Ching Lin

the city leaks

the city leaks
into each rendition
of tonight’s Chopin –
harsh horns cut
into a couple of
rests, tires trail
and brake
too closely again,
loose sirens lick
the eighth
notes down
to their stems –
i observe
every repeat,
in search of
an empty street

Yi-Ching Lin

Posted over on her site Yi's Bits on "Healthy Doses"

1 comment:

Glenn Buttkus said...

Wow, this one takes us into the musical maze, the world of point and counterpoint; not only Chopin and the classical vibes, but your photo, and your word imagery, all wet cobblestones and shiny rails, all back street and silence on a New York night, screams jazz overdubbing, jazz, hot saxes and lingering licorce sticks, cymbals, french horns, six-string samurai, strings of the past and a fat cello thumping the beat of the city. all that and more, sirens, tires screeching, brakes howling, horns honking, before the bubble of quiet, the transitory momentum of your mind,
being the scribe there looking over the Brooklyn bridge to the cityscape, “the” cityscape, all bite, all bark, all Yi-Ching Lin. Dig it.