Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Summer Princess

Painting by Hippolyte Flandrin

Dear Summer Princess

Perhaps I have been
a little distant lately.
I'm sorry. I feel
as if I've been swallowed by the earth,
and I am made now
of oceans and cities. It seems
that I have discovered an exotic
lengthy oak. That she has taken me
out along a lonely cliff,
and made me a witness,
an accomplice even,
to the birth and crime
of her senses.
How illicit we are together,
as she begs me to eliminate
the reins I've thrown over myself.
My lustful self-portrait
so quarantined and explosive.
Is it that I have to orbit now
a forbidden passion, a temporal
matrimony of spirit and hidden desire.
Will my body ever return from
what we have done, or only travel
more secretly across her private sky.
The dreaming may forever unsettled
beneath the woman's continuous pleasure.

Barry Tagrin

from "Collage of the Soul"

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