Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Workin' My Way Back to You

Just workin' my way back to you.

Finally got out and mowed the lawn today.
The grass was deep.
Couldn't see over the dandelions.
Couldn't see over Mount Rainier.
Got lost.
Ended up in Africa of all things.
When I did see a mountain again
it was Killamanjaro.
Had to abandon my lawn mower.
Decided it was of no use on the veldt.
Had some veelings about that, har har.
I did see a nice painting
of Elvis there, though.

Went looking for big game instead.
Thought it would be cool to bag
a world series, but I don't know
what their tracks look like.
Besides, my bat boy left me
right after the veldt joke.

I decided to quit my African safari
when an elephant shot me
and stole my pajamas.
I have no idea what he thinks
he's going to do with my pajamas.
I grabbed the first flying boat
and arrived in Tuscaloosa
"where the tusks are looser" in time
to get my personal SR81 titanium
spy plane out of the hock shop
and was well on my way home
when I ran out of gas
in some little podunk town
where they don't even sell
titanium spy plane fuel.
So I had to blow up my inflatable
10 speed bicycle and ride
the rest of the way.

So here I am and I hope you
appreciate the trouble
I've gone through.

Doug Palmer

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