Thursday, June 10, 2010

When I Get My Amazing Camera

When I get My Amazing Camera

I’ll ease it lovingly
onto my cake platter,
usher the glass dome down,
and savor the ensemble
upon my Irish cotton runner
in the middle of the dining

room table where I’ll sit
in my kitty ears
(which all the kids agree
is my best look,)
writing belated letters
on fine stationery.

My Amazing Camera and I
will flood this house
with twinking rainbows
that will richochet outward
and off every beveled mirror
from here to the Eiffel Tower.

And beyond, to ballet schools
in Estonia! And Moscow! And Tokyo!!

And even further – to verandahs
of raucous beer halls
in Brisbane & Sydney,
where we’ll wave at all the people
smiling by in boats,
and they’ll wave at us.

And we’ll know
we’ve reached life’s pinnacle!


When I get My Amazing Camera
golden autumn sunsets from childhood
wheaten hills will suddenly rise
from the hot Texas blacktop
as my minivan — which is not
really a van at all,

but a wooden sailing ship,
slices up spray, full wind
full sun, full adventure
towards photographic shores
still uncharted — brand new eyes
capturing this garden,
this deck and the reflex blue
of these wonderful walls.

In short, when I get My Amazing Camera
possibly this one,
I’ll still pretty-much be me,
but with better pictures.
Waaaaaay better pictures.

And won’t it be grand!

Jannie Funster

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