Friday, June 4, 2010

The Flight of King Lear

Painting by Vargas

The Flight of King Lear

Imagine it is the end of the century.
A man is standing in line
at the airport gate and he is crying.
He is thinking about the woman
he met in a dream, how he left
everything to love her.
And how fast the love became
unwilling, or maybe incapable.
His mother is dead,
his father is failing, his wife
says he can never return
to the harmony he knew. Still
he suffers over the girl, trying
in his mind to change her heart,
the way he worked with her body
to remake her soul. A moon
sits with sorrow above his world,
and the light in the terminal
building is punishing. It is all
the absence of her desire now
and how fast it went out.

Barry Tagrin

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