Wednesday, June 23, 2010



There's no way to describe
how the light splays
after the storm, under the clouds
Still piled like Armageddon
Back to the west, the northwest
intent on incursion.

There's no way to picture it,
though others have often tried to.
Here in the mountains
it's like a ricochet from a sea surge,
Meadow grass moving like sea stalks
in the depths of its brilliance.

Charles Wright

Posted over on The Writer's Almanac


Jannie Funster said...

Happy Retirement in 2 days!!!

I will miss you so much in comments at my blog!!

Splay -- what else can splay? Grass blades, jello salads, horses' breath on winter days.


Lane Savant said...

Kid's splay, Horse splay,
Fool's splay, Dis splay,

And many others too numerous to mention.