Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Best In Show

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Best In Show

He's all aglow
At the Village Show,
His hard work has paid off.
He's happy now,
So happy now,
It was a labour of love.

He's on the up,
He's won the cup,
His parsnips did him proud.
He's happy now,
So happy now,
There's not a single cloud.

The sun shines bright,
His heart is light,
His cress is a great success,
He's happy now,
So happy now,
And bowing to the crowd.

Then comes the thought,
A horrible thought,
How to retain the prize
In years to come,
For there would be some,
Who'd laugh at his sprouts out loud.

He'd also fail
With his curly kale,
it's painful to realise.
He's not happy now,
No, not happy now.
For cheating is not allowed.

His heart is heavy,
For he can see
That pride comes before a fall.
For the winners next year
Will surely be,
Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.


Posted over on her site Friko's Musings
Listed as #37 over on Magpie Tales 42

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