Saturday, November 27, 2010


Image by Maurizio Cattelan


Clumps of designer mascara
Trickle down surgically-crafted cheekbones
her biggest decision involved
choosing what marble to use in the kitchen
and what cut
her diamond earrings should be
her biggest decision involves
choosing the fanciest urn for his ashes
and where
on the mantle he should go

Red wine and valium
serve as the cocktail of the elite.
Tiny Pomeranians
serve as living accessories to her Gucci boots.

Running to the bathroom,
she vomits
(For once, not by choice)
He left her without instructions
or a designer clutch to carry them in
And now
she must navigate the dreamhouse alone

The 2,000 thread count
Egyptian sheets on
the king-sized bed grow cold.
Oh lonely trophy wife,
who will polish you now?

Tempeton's Fury

Posted over on her site Circling the Cuckoo's Nest
Posted as #76 over on Magpie Tales 42

image borrowed from Bing

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