Friday, November 19, 2010

Electroacoustic Convulsions

Image from Alex Shapiro

Electroacoustic Convulsions

At one point, after I changed gears
in just one afternoon
from a piano and electronics piece
to a string, woodwind and piano sextet
to a bass flute and electronics work
to a symphonic wind band piece
to a solo piano piece
and back again
to another electroacoustic band piece,
I thought it was possible
that my head would finally explode,
gushing out a whole lot of notes
onto the carpet and turning it
from shades of beige and brown
to a bunch of slightly singed black dots
strewn everywhere.

Not a pretty sight.
Luckily, my skull withstood
this intensive ramming from within,
and managed to remain intact.
This time.

Alex Shapiro

Posted as prose over on her site Notes From the Kelp

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