Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks to Chuck

Painting by Debra Wenlock

Thanks to Chuck

Don't need trophies

Riding my bicycle
Up Queen Anne hill
Goin' up is a bother
Goin' down is a thrill
Pushin' on the pedals
With my tongue hangin' out
When I get to the top,
You can hear me shout
You can't beat this
No, you can't beat this
'cause, when I turn around.
I'll race down like a coo-ool breeze.

And the only reward I need
is a chance to do it again.

Doug Palmer

The meter, rhythm and rhyme scheme are stolen from Chuck Berry's "Cool Breeze"
John Lennon got sued for this very sort of thing when he wrote "Come Together".

Posted over on his site Feel Free to Laugh
Listed as #55 over on Magpie Tales 42

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