Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bauhaus Yule

Image borrowed from Yahoo

Bauhaus Yule

As fragile as hewed stained glass
Interrupted by slippery steps
This awning window fails to open
Changes painful yet evolving or retreating

Aureole composed of aventurine and amberina
Plate big servings of guilt and little else
Melancholia wrapped with handmade paper and silken ribbon
Framing all the honest sentiments
Impassable sentiments.

Where the evergreen does not adorn
Decorations do not enchant me.
Nor do material articles.
It is the loss of fellowship
Rising like Adagio for strings
burying what hurts most
for the sake of others.

Altering my season
Peace, I crave peace
but not in your
Fragile Baptistery.

Kristen Haskell

Posted over on her site Living In the Middle
Lisated as #30 over on Magpie Tales 45

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