Saturday, December 18, 2010

In The Back

Image by Ulf Sjostedt

In The Back

We would be late.
Thus, sitting in the back area.
I could hear but not see.
I wasn't really interested in what was said.
The smells would depend on the time of year.
Men would walk down the big row
swinging their chains.
I'd be sitting near the big statue.
It had a woman and a child.
I liked it.
It made me feel welcome.

Later I'd look at all the pretty socks.
Only worn on special occasions.
I had the lace kind.
Not the frilly ones.
Those were too expensive.
Only I didn't know that at the time.
I just knew they were the ones I got to wear
with my patten leather shoes.
My legs couldn't reach the floor
so, I'd swing them back and forth.

~ JC ~

Posted over on her site Lilacs and Cats
Listed as #77 over on Magpie Tales 45

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