Monday, December 20, 2010

Salvation Army Song

Image borrowed from Bing


Well, we were standing there
in the damn dark rain of it all.
Shaking the kinky bell for all it was worth….
dinkly,dinkly, dinkly dink.
(I hear it in my sleep).
We were standing there,
hopping up and down to keep warm -
looking needy-like.
Doing our threadbare best
to attract pity and warmth and charity.
And this guy, see – this big guy
in a camel’s hair coat, cashmere scarf,
Gucci buckle pumps, pigskin gloves, a serious hat -
and six-bit cigar-
This elegant guy stops.
And he fishes way down in his pocket.
And from the fullness of his heart.
He produces a great big dime.
To put in the kettle for Jesus.
The Son of God and Man.

He smiled.

And that’s when I hit him with the tambourine.
And the dinkly bell, too.
And dumped the kettle over his serious hat
Finally, I bit him on the leg.

Let Jesus love him.
The Salvation Army is only human.

Robert Fulghum


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