Thursday, December 16, 2010

Come To Think Of It

John Lennon wall in Prague. Image by Diane Grieser

Come To Think Of It

Religion never gripped me,
Faith must have passed me by.
I was Christened C of E,
But never made the tie.

So, I've never done confession,
Though I have surely sinned.
And contrition without expression,
Is like whistling in the wind.

Adoration, stained, and set
In lead, against the light.
Baptismal signs, made to whet
Doctrinal appetite.

No, I never really got the call,
But I am still a fan
Of tolerance for one and all,
And love for my fellow man.

Martin T. Hodges

Posted over on his site Square Sunshine
Listed as #32 over on Magpie Tales 45

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