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Christmas Menu

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Friko really gave us a treat over on her site
Friko's Musings
Welcome to the 18 day on her Advent calendar.

During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/1871 the Prussian Army lay siege to the grand city of Paris from September 19, 1870 to January 28, 1871.

On December 25th 1870, the 99th day of the siege dinner was served at the

Café Voisin, 261 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris

Butter radishes, Stuffed Donkey's Head, Sardines

Purée of Red Beans with Croûtons
Elephant Consommé

Fried Gudgeons, Roast Camel English Style
Jugged Kangaroo
Roast Bear Chops au Poivre

Haunch of Wolf, Venison Sauce
Cat flanked by Rats
Watercress Salad
Antelope Terrine with Truffles
Mushroom Bordelaise
Buttered Green peas

Rice Cake with jam
Gruyère Cheese

The Paris Zoo had been held in reserve for a Christmas Dinner.

The Wine List made up for any shortcomings in the food,
I doubt that a greater list has accompanied any meal since:

First Service
Latour Blanche 1861
Château Palmer 1864

Second Service
Moutin Rothschild 1846
Romanee Conti 1858
Grand Porto 1827

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