Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Autobiography of my Life with Jesus

The Autobiography of My Life
with Jesus

I think they brought me a picture of Jesus with the lambs,
and there was a black one, and I think they pointed to it
and said Jesus loved the black sheep, the lost sheep.
Somehow they must have sensed I was or would be.
Or the Holy Spirit told them. I have come to believe that's
true. I don't remember Jesus again for a while except that
He was the staff I leaned on. I couldn't see Him, but I knew
He was there. Somehow He was the shepherd. The children were
around Him then, and how the sheep turned into children I
cannot say, but somehow the transformation happened
without my notice.

Jesus is my shepherd. My staff, as I have said.

I see His footprints on the crumpled moon. Every night
He steps to the earth. He goes to those dark villages
in the desert and unloads their guns. He feeds rice
to the camels. He calls the radio waves and broadcasts.

How long I have hoped to put my foot in Galilee.

Still I wait.

He gives me faith.

Jesus is my Earhart.

My flight jacket.

My straw fan on a summer afternoon when I was supposed
to sleep. I don't know why I had to take naps. Sleep
was like a herd of avocados in my hand.

Sometimes I fall on the bed in my bare feet, the straps
of a pinafore or sundress over my shoulders. I feel His
invisible staff. I remember when I was a girl. I lie quiet
as if I were a sheep.

Diane Glancy

Questia Media America, Inc.

Publication Information: Book Title: The Cold-And-Hunger Dance. Contributors: Diane Glancy - author. Publisher: University of Nebraska Press. Place of Publication: Lincoln, NE. Publication Year: 1998.

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