Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bull Head's Wife Mail-Orders in Morse Code

Photo of the real Diane Glancy

by Diane Glancy

I am cold Stop
I am cold Stop
I am thrashing with cold Stop
Send a blanket Stop
Cover me with a buffalo robe Stop
The river is a knife Stop
My horse is shivering Stop
I have frost for hair Stop
The snow geese are calling.
Their cries are the north wind Stop
I hear them say, frio frio blanco blanco Stop
I am freezing Stop
The air is full of birds Stop
I am the only tree on the prairie Stop
My teeth are ice Stop
The cries of the foxes are a white tower Stop
Hey yanno Stop
Send galoshes for the buffalo Stop
Send parka. Snow shoes Stop
The clouds cover the land with snow Stop
The wind is copied doublesided.

Diane Glancy

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