Thursday, December 13, 2007

Animal Crackers


Solitary sentinal,
a bull elk trumpets
across the thin white vastness,
calling to a red hawk riding
the hot thermals
that swirl up
from cold granite peaks,
dropping and rising,
then bobbing,
on the soft wind.

A bald eagle
when raspberry runs down
Rainier's ridges,
feathered white crown resplendent
in purple fire,
diving down for its dinner
in American Lake.

A black crow,
token jokester,
nearly invisible
against the night skyline,
soaring high
above the lights of the city,
winging inexorably
toward its special destiny.

A gray gull,
circling the Sound,
searching for the moment
when it will
slice a hole in the dark clouds,
so as to soar unfettered
in the electric blue;
never silent,
its sibilant haunting cry
floated inland.

I heard it clearly,
on my hilltop,
always on high
able to stride across skyscrapers,
at one with the glass
and black steel
that thrusts deep
into the bottom of the sky.

Glenn Buttkus 1986

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