Sunday, December 23, 2007

Palmer Holday Wishes

Scribe's Sorrow

I have something
to say
about what is
or is not

I may
post it

It involves
else's writing

I am honor bound
to say
no more
at this point
in time.

Make a poem
out of that,

Doug Palmer 2007

You see, sir, despite your churlish nature, and your Grinch's attitude about Hallmark moments and programed responses, you do have a poetic soul; and that's why Emily digs you, and that is one of the reasons that I dig you. No, not in that way!

Oh, I found another gem in your rant.

Good King Pencilstub

Good King Pencilstub
looks out,
spots a poor man,
and send his lawyer
out to sue the sorry bastard
for failing
to have the proper
about this time
of love
and joy;
then passes a law
making it illegal
to be cold
and hungry.

Doug Palmer Christmas 2007

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